Brain Damage on Demand






The Boustrophedon Text Reader

Known Bugs & Limitations
  • If window is resized too small, the buttons will no longer be visible.
  • Running from a console is limited to postscript output; it won't display.
  • Currently the fonts must be fixed-width
  • No fonts currently exist for non-Unix platforms
  • If the correct fonts are not installed, the window will keep resizing itself indefinately. If you install with 'make install' make sure you alter the paths in the Makefile beforehand. Otherwise, do the manual install.
  • Paragraph detection may (still) be imperfect.
  • Outputting to PostScript
    • Pages may be offset a slight amount horizontally from eachother
    • When using the <boust-pgbk> mark-up, if the tag hap­ pens to coincide with a real page break (if it is the first thing on a page), it will do nothing. If this happens, work around it by preceding it with a line­ break.
    • If you are trying to fit something on a page, make sure to put your line-breaks and page-breaks at the end of a paragraph. If you put them at the beginning of one, you may get an extra blank line at the begin­ ning of the page that follows.





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