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The Boustrophedon Text Reader

Download It!

Well, here they are. Click below for the version you wish to download. Hope you enjoy. And don't hesitate to e-mail me if you have any comments, complaints, flames, suggestions, problems, etc...

Linux & other unices


Windows & Mac users:
You'll need:
  • boust-0.161.tcl
  • A tcl/tk interpreter
  • A set of TrueType fonts -- one of them forward, one of them having all the characters facing backwards, one of them rotated 180 degrees.

    I haven't gotten around to making these -- I can't find an editor that'll flip the glyphs! If you make one based on a free and distributable font, let me know.

    (command-line PostScript output is a nice alternative. But for Mac users running MacOS 9 and below, I don't know how/if that would work.)

Hey, does anybody know what kinds of fonts MacOS X will use?

Console Versions:
boust-0.02b.bin.tgz (With binaries)

I started this version in DOS, and I think it'll still compile with DJGPP, but you'll have to find a VGA-font loading program or it won't work. Write me if you need a .zip file or run into problems. (I haven't tried it in a while...)





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