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The Boustrophedon Text Reader

Try Boust On-line

Now's your chance to try out the program without having to download it!

  • Select a text file from your computer to format boustrophedonically.
    NOTE:Only raw ASCII text will work. Images, word processor documents and webpages (.gif, .jpg, .doc, .pdf, .ps, .html, etc.) will parse incorrectly and render gobble-d-gook.
  • Select the type of file you'd like to receive (PostScript or Adobe Acrobat).
  • Select whether you'd like it formatted boustrophedon or Rongorongo.
  • Click the "Go!" button and see it for yourself!

Text (.txt) file to try:

.ps / .pdf

characters per line
inch page width
inch page height
boust / rongo





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