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Musicians Wanted for Swing Band

Lindy Hoppers and Jittering Bugs everywhere are burnin' up the dance floor to big band swing music. The old standards are great, but I wanna make that kind of music; write some original tunes. Based in northern Colorado, this group would be half jazz ensemble, half garage band, a rumble of noise, a tornado of sound. Let's rattle some bones, ruffle their skirts and wrinkle their zuit suits!

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I don't have experience arranging for brass, and most of the interested horn players so far are strictly reading musicians; they have no experience (nor interest) in writing / improvising their own parts! I could still decide to do covers and buy a bunch of sheets, but charts are expensive! And I simply have my heart set on making some new tunes.

Due to the lack of improvising horn players, this was put on hold for a while. However, I am still interested, and have a file of the musicians who expressed interest when I put up the posters in the first place. So, if any of you horn players out there play by ear or know how to arrange brass parts, let's go for it!

If you're a musician in or near Fort Collins, Colorado and would be interested in joining a swing band concentrating on original pieces, send me an e-mail.





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